As a business person, you’re aware that more staff are often needed, but only for a short period of time, forcing you to choose whether to hire another fulltime staff member, or deal with the workload utilising your current staff.

Situations such as:

  • End of Financial Year backlog
  • Seasonal workload changes
  • Annual Leave coverage
  • Maternity leave coverage
  • Illness or sudden departure

    You’d be surprised to know that most businesses don’t currently have the flexibility to deal with these situations in an efficient and effective way. This is where temporary recruitment comes in to play.

    Our temporary recruitment services mean in a matter of hours, we can provide highly skilled employees from a wide range of educational and vocational fields, to temporarily assist in handling the fluctuating workload.

    It could be for half a day, to look after a one-time project, or a long-term project that may extend several months. Whatever gap you need to fill, we’ve got it covered.

    But what’s the best part? For a fixed rate, the temporary candidate becomes an employee of Wagga Recruitment, meaning we are responsible for everything! From screening, testing and hiring workers, to ensuring the correct pay, insurances, and superannuation, we’ll even take care of admin costs.

    Talk to our team today about finding your next temporary recruitment solution!