“I want to change jobs, but…”

When you’re looking to change jobs, potentially after being in a role for many years, the decision can be difficult – and the process even more so!

You may have an employee or positions in mind, but don’t know how to go about getting your hands on them. It’s that one job that’s got you thinking…

I’d really love Mondays at work if I was there!

Maybe they aren’t advertising, and so even though you know you’d be a great fit with that business, your career change seems to be on hold indefinitely.


At Wagga Recruitment are constantly working passively within the local business community to find businesses where we think you would shine. Let us know where you can see yourself, and we’ll be looking for roles where you never thought to look, or never dared to ask!

We’ll go that extra mile to ensure you love Mondays as much as we do!

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