When it comes to finding a candidate to fill a role, or the perfect new job for you, it’s the way we approach the process that sets us apart, and means we’ll always and ONLY settle, when the match between employee and position is perfect.

We don’t view ourselves as a separate business you’re outsourcing to – we see ourselves as part of your HR department, and take your business and its success as seriously as we do our own.

Our goal is to ensure the Wagga business community loves Mondays, and we are achieving this through finding individuals roles where they grow and accomplish, and finding businesses the ideal candidates to make their business thrive!

With a team of talented employees, or a job that is expertly fitted to your specific skills, needs and characteristics – there’ll be nothing stopping you from loving Mondays again!

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Who is this Rhyley guy anyway?

This mountain biking, eggs benedict enthusiast is all about balance. Rhyley Hunter – Managing Director and founder of Wagga Recruitment wants to see individuals and businesses succeed. Rhyley is more than a recruiter, and through intelligent and genuine conversation, he can add value to your business.

This young and competitive self-starter has created a modern office environment that sparks fun and zest – the perfect platform to showcase ambition, commitment and dependability. Rhyley’s initiative to pursue his own business was largely driven by the lack of flexibility in past roles and the need for a local, privately owned recruitment agency. He believes in a healthy work and life balance.

It’s an even playing field at Wagga Recruitment, one that hones respect and motivation. Within this team approach, Rhyley will often find himself copping flack and having a laugh with his recruiter Kaitlin (aka ‘Kaity Kardashian Flagg’), the fact that Rhyley and Kaitlin can bounce off each other’s energy, makes the team dynamic and fresh.

Rhyley’s enthusiasm and never quit attitude flows directly into his ultimate goal. He provides a consistent and polished delivery to candidates and businesses alike, one of high standard and one, which encompasses constant innovation – he wants everyone to, “Love Mondays”.

Home is where the heart is and Wagga Wagga to Rhyley, is home. Whilst he loves traveling, a knowing smile can always be seen when he returns home. You’ll only find him wishing he lived in NYC after a few back-to-back episodes of ‘Suits’… But hey… “Doesn’t everyone want to be Harvey Specter??”

On the weekend you will find Rhyley utilising his time wisely with an early rise, a hearty ‘breaky’ at a local café and some exercise to keep him sharp. Of course the lawns must be mowed as well as enjoying a few beers with the people that matter most – family and friends.

Call or email this Labrador loving, Matchbox 20 fan today… he’s appreciation of meditation and remaining balanced will have him focused and ready to work with you.

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Did you say Kaity Kardashian???

Whilst Kaity ‘Kardashian’ Fuller might think she’s a real Kardashian with a secret (or not so secret) obsession with the Kardashian family, she’s most definitely more down to earth and approachable than the highflying reality TV stars.

Kaity brings her family values and love of Wagga to her job each day. Wagga Recruitment has afforded her the opportunity to gain momentum in a career, whilst simultaneously caring for and growing her family.

Great food, bulk love, lots of laughs, hugs and infectious smiles are the key to leading a healthy lifestyle, according to Kaity.

“Kaity brings a fresh set of ideas on the industry, an eagerness to learn and is highly personable” – Rhyley Hunter

When Kaity isn’t strutting around thinking she is Carrie Bradshaw, she usually starts her day by checking emails and then ‘kicks off’ the office banter for the day, ensuring her boss is regularly brought back a peg or two.

Kaity describes the perfect office environment to be fun, flexible and rewarding, all of which are ticked off in her role as a recruiter at Wagga Recruitment.

Kaity has a keen passion for great client service and appreciates that the right staff are key to business success and ongoing sustainability.

“Diamonds don’t come the size of bricks.” No they don’t, but Kaity will certainly help you find your Diamond that fits seamlessly into your team when it comes to finding the right staff. Likewise finding you that ‘Diamond Job’.

When Kaity’s not enjoying her weekend with family snuggles and brunch, you can find her at Wagga Recruitment.

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